5 Ways Doctors & Weight Loss Medication is used to reduce Fat at our Weight Loss Clinic

Weight Loss Medication

Weight loss can be a difficult process, with so many factors that all need addressing at the same time. It is important to have a proper management plan before starting on this fat loss journey so you don't stop halfway without reaching your goal. It is also important that the plan you make for your fat loss journey is based on fact, not fiction. There are many myths and stories about what works for fat loss but at the end of the day, science reigns true. At our Fat loss Clinic in Merrylands, you talk to expert doctors who have seen and treated stubborn fat that does not seem to go away. Through a variety of techniques and prescription medication (Weight Loss Medication), our doctors have gotten effective results.

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What is Fat Loss Management and why is prescribed Weight Loss Medication by a doctor important?

Weight loss is a complex issue and each patient is different. Each patient might have different genetics, metabolism, dietary requirements, exercise requirements, medication, and state of health, which makes each Weight Loss Management important. Incorrect management of weight loss can lead to wasted effort and disappointing results. It is important to lay a good management plan for good results.

A good weight loss management plan designed by our doctors at our Weight Loss Clinic takes into consideration all the factors that influence weight gain and weight loss. One of these major players is Weight Loss Medication. Weight loss medication is prescription only and is an adjunct to conventional means of weight loss. Weight loss medication that we prescribe has shown in studies results of a 15% to 18% weight loss in adults who were overweight or obese. This is a massive change and patients definitely see the benefit.

Many weight loss techniques and programs try to avoid the adjunct of weight loss pills and in some cases, it is a warranted reason. Most times that weight loss pills are not recommended, which is when the weight loss pill is over-the-counter supplements and without the direction of a weight loss management plan created by a doctor. Weight loss medication prescribed by a doctor is very different from supplements bought over the counter. Prescribed Weight Loss Medication has been clinically tested and has proven results.

With our expert doctors, we are able to create a safe and simple weight loss management plan that is a solution to a complex and multi-faceted problem. If you would like to get started on a weight loss journey, book a Bulk billed consultation with Dr. Thayaparan in our bulk-billed Weight loss clinic in Merrylands. Dr. Thayaparan is one of our doctors who is a very experienced practitioner in the treatment of weight loss management and prescription weight loss medications. If you would like to book an appointment with Dr Thayaparan, please click "Book Now".


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Why do I need to do a Weight Loss Doctor at a Weight Loss Clinic?

Seeing a qualified doctor who has experience in weight loss allows you to get a tried and tested weight loss roadmap, which allows you to ensure that you are on the correct pathway.

5 Reasons to see a weight loss doctor at our weight loss clinic?

  1. Prescription Weight Loss Medication.
    There are many myths about weight loss supplements, but that is not what we are talking about. We are talking about prescription medication specifically designed to help you lose weight. Getting your hands on these will require a bulk billed health assessment (Nothing out of pocket with a medicare card) and a prescription from our doctors. These prescription weight loss pills have been tested and have shown to give effective results in combination with normal conventional methods. It is important you discuss this properly with your GP to understand how effective the weight loss pills that are prescribed will be and how they play into the weight loss management plan.
  2. Referrals.
    Doctors are able to refer patients to required services such as Physiotherapy, Dietitian, and Exercise Physiologists - which can all be bulk billed (Nothing out of pocket with a medicare card). These services help you to manage and maintain your weight loss management plan. Doctors also have the ability to refer you to more extreme weight loss techniques such as surgery for gastric banding, tummy tucks, liposuction, and bariatric surgery. These services help achieve rapid weight loss and can only be achieved by an experienced GP involved in the weight loss programs.
  3. Testing
    Testing and assessing your health is super important to measure how much progress you have made. A weight scale, although gives some information is a poor indicator of changes in health. It usually does not take into account body composition changes, additional muscle mass, and many other factors that really determine your progress. Not being able to track progress can be problematic as you lose motivation on your weight loss journey even if you might be making progress. Doctors in our weight loss clinic have the ability to blood test for specific markers that are involved in weight loss (lipids, fat molecules, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and many more). Doctors can also refer you to places for Fat scans (DEXA scans) which enable you to understand body composition if required.
  4. Road Map
    Creating and maintaining a road map for weight loss management is very important for the overall weight loss journey. Not having a weight loss journey usually means that halfway motivation is lost or we end up going down the wrong pathway. Our weight loss doctors are experts in creating weight loss management plans that have pathways that are easy to stick to. They use a combination of medications, surgery, and conventional methods to produce exceptional results. It is important to have this plan so you are confident that you are on the right pathway.
  5. Keep you on track
    Weight loss is like a see-saw, where the net calories in must be lower than the net calories out. This equation is modified by prescription medications and surgery but is important to remember during weight loss.  If you are ever confused and fraught with emotions our non-judgemental doctors are able to motivate and keep you on track.

Do I need to see a doctor for prescription medications at a Weight Loss Clinic?

At Woodville Rd Medical and Dental, our Weight Loss sessions and consultations are bulk billed with our doctors. If you have a Medicare card, there is nothing out of pocket for assessing and helping your mental state. Make an appointment with our Doctors and GP's if you notice any changes to your weight and health that worry you. Start today and make a change that will lead to better health and lifestyle.

More information can be found at the Department of Health

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5 Reasons to get Mental Health Help

mental health help axiety and depression treatment

Mental health is a complex issue and serious issue with a wide range of complications and it is important to seek Mental Health Help when necessary. It's important to make sure that mental health is treated fast and with the appropriate treatment. Effective treatments can range from basic counselling, psychology sessions/mental health therapy and medications. Dr Jonathan Choi is an excellent doctor who has vast experience in providing mental health help and successfully treating anxiety and depression. Mental health is an ongoing issue, and treatment times vary from patient to patient. It is important to understand that patients seek mental health help early on and prevent the situation from getting worse.

Mental health issues such as anxiety and depression have strong links and can lead to issues that become more adverse and negative in nature when left untreated. Early intervention through mental health therapy sessions is very effective and important in guiding patients in the right way to achieve a happier mental state.

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What is Mental health Therapy and why is it important to be done?

Mental Health Help is a non-judgmental therapy session, where our lovely doctors talk and discuss what you are feeling. They listen to what you are experiencing but also importantly what you would like to be feeling when things are better. With their vast knowledge of mental health, they prescribe and get involved in mental health exercises that help your mind feel more clear and less heavy. Mental health sessions are regular sessions that are bulk billed for your benefit. The doctor will usually define the frequency depending on your needs and also the mental health exercises they prescribe. That being said you are ALWAYS welcome to come in for more sessions if you are not feeling okay. If you would like to book a Bulk Billed consultation for mental health help, click "Book Now"

During Mental Health sessions, the doctors will usually ask questions to determine what your main issue is. Most mental health diseases are linked, and treatment of one usually means treatment of all of them. Our Mental health help sessions diagnose depression, anxiety and stress disorders that impact day to day lives. These disorders can be extreme and can cause a breakdown in the quality of life.

With our expert doctors, we are able to safely diagnose and treat depression, anxiety and stress disorders in our bulk billed skin mental health clinic in Merrylands. Dr Jonathan Choi is one of our doctors who is an excellent listener and a very experienced practitioner in the treatment of mental health. If you would like to book an appointment with Dr Jonathan Choi, please click "Book Now".


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Why do I need to do a Mental Health Therapy?

Regular Mental health sessions are like regular blood tests. Mental Health Help sessions make sure and maintain that issues that might be underlying come to the surface and are treated promptly.

When should I get Mental Health Help?

  1. If you ever experience thoughts, emotions or behaviours that are out of control, especially when they are affecting your relationships, your work or your sense of well-being. Never feel embarrassed to ask for help at times when you are upset or depressed. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Everyone needs help at some point, and once you do, things start to get better.
  2. If you ever struggle to deal with life’s painful challenges – such as a major illness, the loss of a loved one, divorce or job problems. These issues may be your own, but could also include those of others you care about. Talking about these issues is normal and you are encouraged to do so. Life is difficult sometimes, but having someone to be a shoulder to rest on, makes it much easier.
  3. If you ever abuse alcohol or drugs which interferes with your health, your emotions, your relationships, your job or your ability to fulfil your daily responsibilities. Escape mechanisms like alcohol abuse or drugs are short term solutions, with long term problems. When you talk to your doctor they will give you options that involve the situation getting better, not worse.
  4. If you are ever confused, fraught with emotions and need the perspectives of a caring yet unbiased person to help sort among difficult choices. This can range from simple basic decisions in life to more complex and emotionally challenging decisions. We are always here to help and advise on what is in your best interest.
  5. If you ever feel that life is no longer worth living, that you are hopeless and have reached the end of the line, and you would rather die than feel the pain of the present. In the midst of such distress, you are not prepared to make life-or-death decisions. Ask for help.
    Many people experience this feeling. It is normal but important to address. We are here to help and talk to you about why and how we can make things better!


Do I need to see a doctor for Mental Health Therapy?

At Woodville Rd Medical and Dental, our Mental Health Help sessions and consultations are bulk billed with our doctors. If you have a Medicare card, there is nothing out of pocket for assessing and helping your mental state. Make an appointment with our Doctors and GP's if you notice any changes to your mental health that worry you. Early detection and treatment of anxiety and depression do lead to quicker and better results.

More information can be found at MentalHealth.gov 

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Top 3 Reasons to Get a Skin Check Today at a Skin Cancer Clinic!

Bulk billed skin cancer removal at skin cancer clinic iin merrylands
  1. Prevention

    Skin care is all about protection. When you come in for your bulk-billed skin check at our Skin Cancer Clinic, we will introduce proper prevention strategies to reduce your chances of getting skin cancer. Some of these include:
    - Reducing UV exposure (Hats, sunscreen...the basic stuff)
    - Using a reliable sunscreen (SPF 50+)
    - Avoiding tanning beds (Direct UV radiation)
    - Monthly self-checks (Where to check and how)
    - Regular skin checks (Our doctors will do the precise checks)
    At our Bulk Billed Skin cancer clinic, we make sure that we are you understand how and why skin cancer checks are important.
  2. Early Detection in hidden areas

    Early detection is key to minimizing cancers and their impact on a patient's life. When the cancer is found early, especially when pre-cancerous, the cancer has not moved and is quite small. As a result, the removal is quicker, efficient, and less traumatic. Recovery time is also greatly reduced. On the contrary, when cancer is left long term undetected, this can lead to death or long doses of chemotherapy/radiation therapy which negatively impact the quality of life. During your bulk-billed consultation, the doctor will assess different parts of your body that you may have trouble visualizing or feeling. This allows us to check areas and assess places that have not been seen regularly.
    Skin cancer removal Skin cancer clinic merrylands
  3. Better Treatment

    When cancers or unusual growths are found early, there is a much higher rate of curability. While melanoma is a much more serious type of skin cancer due to its aggressive growth, this type of cancer can also be cured if found early.

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What is a Skin Check and why is it important to be done at a Skin cancer clinic?

A Skin Check or Skin Exam is where the doctor will look at your skin for any abnormalities. They will identify any pre-cancerous areas or cancerous areas, whilst providing advice on maintaining better skin. The doctor will examine your skin under magnification and will also complete a full exam. Usually, the doctor will find moles, scarring, or other abnormalities and treat them using cryotherapy or surgery. At our skin cancer clinic, we make sure that you are well informed about the quality and nature of any abnormal signs with thorough investigations. Early detection is very important when dealing with pre-cancerous and cancerous cells, where survival rates change dramatically. In our Skin cancer clinic in Merrylands, we not only look at the disease of cancer and pre-cancer but also the cosmetic side when considering removal of any type of cancer. Not only is it important to remove the cancers but it is important that the scar tissue is minimal. Experience is key when proceeding with skin cancer removal and as such, Dr Daniel Isacson is an excellent doctor and was a Swedish plastic surgeon who has much experience in cosmetic reconfiguration. If you would like to book a Bulk Billed consultation for a skin check, click "Book Now"

What can be done in a Skin Check at a Skin cancer clinic?

Our skin cancer clinic will be able to detect and investigate moles, melanoma, carcinoma, skin cancers, cysts, abscesses, acne, scarring, and burns.

With our expert doctors, we are able to safely diagnose and remove melanomas, carcinoma, and skin cancers inside our bulk billed skin cancer clinic in Merrylands. Our surgeon who is also inside our bulk billed skin cancer clinic is able to remove any abscesses and moles that may exist. Both the detection of cancers and removal is bulk billed when done in our skin cancer clinic. Our team is full of experts and can even treat cancers of the face with expert precision. Furthermore or experts are able to repair any surgical work done with flawless repair and minimal scar tissue.

Dr. Daniel Isacson is one of our doctors who was a Swedish Plastic Surgeon who is an expert in skin cancer removal and is an integral part of our skin cancer clinic. He is renowned for removing cancers of the face with minimal scar tissue and excellent result. Dr. Daniel Isacson is also an expert in cosmetics and regularly performs lip fillers, botox, scar removals, cancer removals, mole removal, melanoma removals, and cosmetic re-configurations.


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Why do I need to do a Skin Check at a skin cancer clinic?

Skin cancer is one of the most prevalent diseases that targets patients over the age of 30. The good news is that 99 percent of all cases are curable if they are diagnosed and treated early enough. But in order to stop skin cancer, we have to spot it on time. Early detection saves lives, and skin checks should be done every 3 months, especially if you spend time in the sun.

Do I need Skin cancer surgery?

There are multitudes of ways of treating skin cancers, melanomas and carcinomas. Each treatment is situational based on each individual patient's circumstances. As such, it is very important to come in for a bulk billed consultation, so that you understand your options in a pressure-free environment. There is nothing out of pocket during the consultation if you have a medicare card, and will allow the doctor to do a thorough skin check. If something is found, the doctor will explain the options and benefits of each procedure or if a procedure is even required.

Do I need to see a doctor for a Skin Check at a Skin cancer clinic?

At Woodville Rd Medical and Dental, our Skin checks and consultations are bulk billed. If you have a Medicare card, there is nothing out of pocket for assessing whether your skin has any cancers, pre-cancerous cells, moles or scarring that may be pathological, cysts or abscesses that need treating, or any other skin condition. Make an appointment with our Doctors and GP's if you notice any changes to your skin that worry you. Not all skin changes are caused by skin cancer. Your doctor will investigate your skin changes to determine a cause. Its important to have early detection as it give the best chance of nipping the issue in the bud. If you are interested in getting a bulk billed assessment of your moles, growths, or other skin issues, please click "Book Now"

More information can be found at Cancer Council

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