Accepted Health Funds

What is Dental Private Health Insurance and what is NO-GAP Dental?

Private Health Insurance is a form of co-payment where the insurance pays a portion of the treatment completed. Payments are usually made as a percentage of treatment completed. The remaining treatment must still be paid, and this portion is called the GAP.

At our Merrylands Practice, our dentists perform NO-GAP Check up and Cleans. This mean that you are not charged the GAP and have no out of pocket expenses. The clinic only takes what the insurance pays, and does not charge the GAP to the patient. This allows a cost effective way to get your 6 monthly cleans & check ups done, with out going out of pocket. 

Private health insurance can also cover other treatments such as fillings, tooth removal, whitening, invisalign, dentures (false teeth), crowns, root canals (nerve treatment), veneers and orthodontic. These treatments are not NO-GAP and will usually have a percentage of the GAP being passed on. The amount of GAP being passed on depends on the level of cover of your health insurance. 

Does your Private Health Insurance cover you?

Here at Woodville Road Medical and Dental Merrylands, we accept all the major health funds for your convenience.

The list of our health funds currently includes:

  • Bupa
  • AHM
  • NIB
  • HCF
  • IMAN
  • Allianz
  • MediBank
  • HBF
  • Frank
  • Quantas
  • CBHS
  • …and many more!

If your heath fund is not listed above, please call us on 9681 5880. We will still accept your fund, however direct claiming might not be possible.

Major Dental vs Minor Dental

Dental insurances seperate treatments in to Minor Dental and Major Dental. This is to diffferentiate the level of complexity of certain treatments.

Most dental insurances cover Minor Dental, but not all policies cover Major Dental

Which procedures are Major Dental and Minor Dental?

Minor Dental

  • Check and Cleans
  • Fillings
  • Extractions 
  • Fluoride
  • X-rays

Major Dental

  • Dentures
  • Root Canal (Nerve Treatment)
  • Surgical Extractions
  • Invisalign 
  • Braces
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Implants
  • Whitening

How Much Does My Dental Health Insurance Cover and Will my treatment be No-GAP?

Dental Health Insurances are all different and the coverage they all have varies based on your premium. Our Check up and Cleans are ALWAYS GAP FREE / NO GAP. This allows you to get a snapshot of where your dental health is, without breaking the bank. During your NO-GAP check up and cleans we will always take photos and xrays to show you what to change to improve your health. 

Other treatments do attract a gap, as insurances only pay a percentage of fees. Most insurances will cover 60% of treatment costs, with higher levels of cover offering higher rebates. 

Our advice for patients is always the same – Make your Dental choices the same way you would make any other health related choices. You would not pick your cardiac surgeon for a heart operation based on what the insurance pays, so why would you treat your teeth any differently. You would always pick the best quality of service as health always comes first. At Woodville Rd Medical and Dental our dentist adhere to the highest quality and as such can offer guarantees on our work. Teeth, just like any other part of the body, is a Health issue and should be treated with the highest quality and not the highest saving because of NO-GAP Treatments. 

All that being said, we accept all insurances and will always try and pass on the maximium saving to our patients.