Ear Vacuuming Services In Merrylands

Are you looking for Ear Vacuuming services in Merrylands as an alternative to traditional Ear Irrigation? If you suffer from the common issue of ear wax buildup then you may need your ear wax removed properly and safely by a medical professional. Fortunately Woodville Road Medical Centre now provides Ear Vacuuming services in our Merrylands Clinic.


How Does Ear Vacuuming work?

Ear vacuuming is a quick and easy procedure, and it is suitable and safe for majority of people. Ear Vacuuming is also significantly different from traditional Ear Irrigation, wherein warm liquids are used to soften and remove ear wax lodged in your ear canals. This process can result in some discomfort and liquid in the ears for some time after the procedure.

Ear Vacuuming does not use warm jets of and as a result is considered safer and easier than traditional irrigation. It is also significantly safer than the use of ear buds, which often exacerbate the problem by pushing wax further into the ear canal.

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Ear Wax Cleaning at our Merrylands Clinic

Here are the primary features and benefits of the Ear Vacuuming process done by the GPs at Woodville Road Medical Centrre:

  • Our ear vacuuming service is covered under Medicare, so you won’t incur any extra expenses from the procedure
  • The procedure is completed under a microscope to ensure that wax removal is done with safety and precision.
  • The procedure can help to uncover various potential infections or ear problems, which may be lying deeper in the ear
  • The unclogging of your ears in instantaneous, improving your hearing right away without the need to wait for water to leak out over time
  • We have a specialist team to handle all parts of the procedure, certainly certified to handle the ear vacuuming process.
  • We believe in the quality of service delivered with utmost safety. This is to ensure that above all else, you can have a safe and comfortable experience.
  • NOTE: There are strict criteria to bulk bill for Ear Vacuuming. The doctor will advise on the day. If you do not meet the bulk billing criteria, you can either pay privately for ear vacuuming or have ear syringing completed instead. The private fee is usually about $70 for both ears.


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