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See a Doctor in Merrylands today! Our Medical Centre is located on Corner of Woodville Road and Earl Street.
Also, free parking is available underground for patients' convenience.

We offer the convenience of bulk-billing! Our GP consultation services bulk-bill for any Medicare and Overseas Student AHM, BUPA and OSHC, in addition to Medibank card holders.

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Merrylands Guildford Doctor bulk billed

Physical health problems: such as emergency treatment of injuries, short & long-term sickness, immunisation, minor surgery and more.

bulk billed GP merrylands guildford

Mental and emotional issues: such as anxiety, depression, stress and relationship problems.

Merrylands Guildford Doctor GP bulk billed

Preventive care. What this means is advice on how to lead a healthy lifestyle and conducting regular health checks and medical tests to detect an illness early.

Additionally - Please check out our medical promotions including:

Free Flu Vaccines.

Bulk Billing for Surgical consults.

Bulk Billing for Minor Surgeries.
Includes Varicose Vein Removal, Circumcision, Small Cancer removal and Skin lesions/Lumps removal.


New Pathology clinic for all onsite testing has now been added!

We also provide referrals. All of the experienced doctors at our Medical Centre in Merrylands can refer you for specialist treatment and further tests. For example: skin cancer clinics, general surgery & travel vaccination clinics. Further examples include:

  • General Health Management
  • Skin Checks & Mole Removals
  • Diabetes Management
  • Immigration Health Assessment
  • Sports Health Assessment.
  • Child Immunisation
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health Care.
  • Medicines & Vaccinations, in addition to Travel Health Plans, Travel Packs,
  • Weight Management
  • Surgical Procedure
  • Suture & Wound Management.
  • Immunisation & Vaccinations.
  • Corporate & Industrial Medical Advice
  • Ingrown Toenail Treatment.
  • Work Cover & Employment Medical.
  • Cryotherapy for Warts & Sunspots.
  • Sleep Study
  • Full body skin checks, in addition to Allergies and Skin Care.

Bulk Billing GP and Doctor in Merrylands

We are a bulk billing practice for those covered by Medicare. Otherwise appointments with our GPs will cost $70 for a standard consultation.

Please bring your Healthcare card if you have one.

Please call for any questions on (02) 9681 5880 and our lovely staff will help out with any issues.

And finally, we hope you are satisfied with your care.  If so, you can support us on social media! Please consider liking us on Facebook or giving us a  review on Google!