Surgical Vasectomy In Merrylands


If you are looking for an effective birth control method, consider getting a vasectomy at Woodville Rd Medical Centre in Merrylands. This birth control method removes the common fear of possible pregnancy after sex and provides a permanent solution to unwanted birth. Vasectomy strengthens the bond of love between partners and turns intimacy into a haven of complete enjoyment.


A vasectomy is a minor and low risk procedure, carried out by our surgical consult Doctor Paramalingam Lingathas.



You will need a GP referral to see our surgeon, Doctor Paramalingam Lingathas

What is a vasectomy

Vasectomy as a surgical procedure, involves cutting the supply of sperm. It is a birth control method that is performed on a male. During this procedure, the sperm tubes are severed and the sperm can no longer make their way into the semen. Even though ejaculation will still occur during sex, there are no sperm to fertilize the female's egg, and no pregnancy can result from the sex.


The Process

Initial consult:

If you are interested in undergoing the operation, you will first need to a referral from a GP. Our GP's will take time to explain the entire process so that you can make an informed decision.

When you are ready, you can book your surgery with Doctor Paramalingam Lingathas.

The Vasectomy surgery:

The surgery is a relatively a painless and very quick procedure.

In a conventional vasectomy, a local anesthetic agent is applied to the scrotum. The surgeon makes small cuts on the skin to access the tube that carries the sperm. The tubes are cut and little sections are removed before the tube ends are closed. Closing the tube ends is done via heat sealing or tying.

Post Vasectomy Seminal test:

To confirm a successful vasectomy, the surgeon will collect and test the patient's semen sample, 12 weeks after the surgery is carried out. If the semen sample is confirmed to be free of sperm, then the vasectomy operation is confirmed successful. Otherwise, more series of tests and contraceptives will be given to the patient until the semen is confirmed to be free of sperm.

After the operation

Mild discomfort will be experienced by the patient after the vasectomy operation. Some pain, bruising, or swelling can be expected, however, these will pass in a few days. For quick and complete recovery, specific instructions will be provided by your physician. Rest is encouraged for about 24 hours after vasectomy, while activities are limited for about two to three days after. The use of contraceptives is strongly advised for the first ten ejaculations or a minimum of two to three months after the vasectomy.


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