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Merrylands WorkCover Compensation Claims


You might be eligible for a WorkCover claim if you have an injury that occurred during or because of your employment, and your employment contributed significantly to your injury. You may be eligible for a WorkCover claim even if you are working from home!

Some examples of work related injuries are:

  • Physical injuries – including fractures, cuts and burns
  • Psychological – including anxiety or depression
  • Disease
  • Aggravation of an existing condition

If you experience a work related accident and want to make a claim with WorkCover, one of the first things you should do is to see your local Doctor.

If your claim is successful, then our Merrylands Doctors will be able to provide you with treatment with no out of pocket fees, even if you don’t have Medicare.

Eligible for a WorkCover Compensation Claim?

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Eligible for a WorkCover Compensation Claim?

Services Available At Our Merrylands Clinic Under WorkCover

The Woodville Road Medical Centre has a wide variety of services available to assist you with any kind of Workers Compensation Claims.

We have a gifted team of doctors and GP’s capable of treating a wide variety of physical and psychological ailments, with female practitioners available if that is your preference. Our Medical Team also includes a Surgical Consult should surgery be required.

In addition, our Allied Health team is an invaluable asset in getting you to a stage where you are comfortable enough to re-enter the workforce. With so many specialists available at our Merrylands clinic, we are confident in our ability to get you back on your feet no matter the nature of your Workers Compensation Claim. Their fields of expertise include:

Our Merrylands Medical Team promises to stay on the patients side of things and strive to set patient orientated goals. Nothing is more important to us than your health, and your ability to get back on your feet and back to work comfortably.

Please call for any questions on (02) 9681 5880 and our lovely staff will help out with any issues.

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