After Hours Dentist

In order to cater for our patients that are busy throughout the day, we have added a new After Hours Dentist, Dr Grace Botham.  We love the Merrylands community, which is why we are working to provide a service previously been unavailable in the area. We hope to provide a service as close to a 24/7 dentist as possible so we can help improve the general oral health in the area.

Dr Botham will be working until 8pm on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday every week! If you need require an evening appointment with Dr Grace Botham, please call up or book online!

Dr Grace has been a welcome addition to our team who is able to perform Invisalign Orthodontics (Invisible Braces). We have recently added in Payment Plans to our clinic, which means getting braces is even easier. Payment plans allow you to get ANY TREATMENT done and pay in installments! Contact our reception to discuss payment plans!

We hope you are happy with our new extended range of services and hope that you can give us a 5 star Google rating to help us, help you!

Our regular dental services are still running as usual.

Dentist at Merrylands Dental Clinic

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Services Offered by our After Hours Dentist

Emergency Dentistry (Fractured teeth or painful teeth)

Crown, Bridges & Veneers

Dental Care/Management

Invisalign (Invisible Braces)

Family Dentistry



Root Canal Therapy and Nerve treatment

Periodontal / Gum Management


Bleaching and Tooth Whitening



Not quite a 24/7 dentist, as our dentists still need their sleep

Things to Remember

If you have been injuried/in pain and have concerns about your teeth, please call up and provide the following details to our receptionists:

  • Area of pain? (Top/ Bottom, Left/Right, Back/Front)
  • Is it keeping you up at night?
  • What causes the pain? (Cold, Hot, Biting, Random pain)
  • Are you taking any Pain medications?

These details help our dentists triage and prioritise patients during our after hours sessions.

Please be mindful of attendance times, as the dentist leaves specific time in an after-hours session for emergency dentistry on patients who are in need of help. Our dentist is only available till 8pm and unfortunately, is not a 24/7 Dentist. Please be aware that if the appointment is required and there are no available spots, our regular dentist is available at 9am the next day.

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