Woodville Road Medical & Dental Centre

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Your local Merrylands Dentist

Woodville Road Dental Clinic in Merrylands offers a comprehensive suite of dental services that ensures our patients have easy and convenient access to great value and above all else, high-quality dental care. We are located on Corner of Woodville Road and Earl Street, Merrylands.

Our dentists work After-hours dentists till 8 pm and Saturday and Sunday for your convenience!

If it is an emergency, we WILL slot you in if you call!

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What you get when you visit our Merrylands Dentist

We offer a broad range of general, family and cosmetic dental treatments which includes preventive services such as dental check-up, cleans and x-rays, dental care for children, crowns, veneers, Invisalign and tooth whitening.

Our care at Woodville road Dental is patient-centered so that you are the primary focus. Your Merrylands dentist will carefully listen to your needs and work out your concerns so that we can tailor treatment options that are most suitable to you. If you have any concerns about your teeth, no matter how small or trivial it seems, our dentists are here to help. Your smile is an important part of your health, which impacts not just your social aspect but also the rest of your body.

Here at Woodville Road Dental Clinic, our Dentists treat you as a whole, putting your dental needs along side with your medical needs. We all know that a toothache can ruin a whole week, so our dentists aim to to prevent toothaches rather than treat them as a dental emergency when they pop-up. This saves you time and money as treatment is usually more simpler. With regular appointments, our dentists can nip a dental problem before it becomes worse.

At your first appointment, if you are not in any pain, you can expect a general exam and a clean. This allows our experienced dentists priorities all your problems which may include problems that were not obvious or giving you any pain. The Dentist will then form a plan to get you to optimal health and a Smile that you can be happy about!


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Special Offer – FREE KIDS’ DENTAL


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