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Free Hearing Test in Merrylands


Free Hearing Test In Merrylands

What is a hearing test?

Hearing tests check a person’s ability to hear the loudness and pitch of sounds. The results are charted on a graph (audiogram) to help pinpoint the severity and causes of hearing problems. Tests include pure tone audiometry, using an audiometer, and speech discrimination tests. It is a quick test that can be easily completed at Woodville Road Medical and Dental Centre in Merrylands.

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How is a hearing test conducted and how is it recorded:

The vibration of air molecules makes up a sound wave. Gentle vibrations make a soft sound, while large vibrations create a loud noise. The loudness of sound is measured in decibels (dB). A sound’s pitch or frequency is its number of vibrations per second. This is measured in hertz (Hz).


Slow vibrations make a low-frequency sound (such as a foghorn), while rapid vibrations make a high-frequency sound (such as a whistle). Hearing tests check a person’s ability to hear sounds of different loudness and pitch. These tests are usually conducted by hearing specialists called audiologists.

Signs you may need a hearing test:

  • Ringing sensation in the ears (tinnitus)
  • People complain that you talk too loudly
  • You often have to ask people to repeat what they say
  • You fint it hard to hear conversations, especially if there is background noise
  • Others complain that you watch television with the volume turned too high
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Types of hearing loss:

Hearing tests can distinguish the type of hearing loss, including:

  • Conductive – a sound blockage in the middle or outer ear (or both), usually caused by middle ear infections or by a wax build-up in the ear canal
  • Sensorineural – the cochlea or cochlear nerve is damaged
  • Mixed – hearing loss is caused by a combination of conductive and sensor neural problems.

Hearing loss can also be described as:

  • Congenital – when the hearing loss occurs before or just after birth. Exposure to certain diseases in utero or soon after birth can harm the hearing mechanism of the baby
  • Acquired – when the loss happens later (for example, due to disease or trauma).

The severity of hearing loss

Hearing loss is measured in decibels (dB). Conversational speech is around 65 dB. The degrees of hearing loss include:

  • Mild (21 – 45 dB) – soft sounds may be difficult to distinguish
  • Moderate (46 – 60 dB) – conversational speech is hard to hear, especially if there is background noise (such as a television or radio)
  • Moderately severe (61 – 75 dB) – it is challenging to hear ordinary speech
  • Severe (76 – 90 dB) – conversational speech cannot be heard
  • Profound (91 dB) – almost all sounds are inaudible. Most people with profound hearing loss benefit from a hearing aid.

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Hearing test in Merrylands for babies and children:

Some babies are at increased risk of hearing problems. Risk factors include premature birth, low birth weight, and jaundice. The type of hearing tests used depends on the age of the child, but can include:

  • Objective tests – such as otoacoustic emission testing, auditory brainstem response testing, electrocochleography, and tympanometry do not require a response from the listener. These tests provide the most accurate indication of hearing ability in most babies aged under six months
  • Behavioral observation audiometry (BOA) – for babies under seven months of age. BOA consists of making noises, such as shaking a rattle nearby and then observing the baby’s response.
  • Visual reinforcement orientation – the baby is taught to move their head towards sound by pairing it with an interesting visual stimulus, such as a puppet. The baby will turn its head at the sound so that it can see the puppet. Their response to different sounds can then be measured. The ears can be tested individually if the baby will tolerate headphones
  • Lay audiometry – older children are taught to respond to sounds by playing a game, such as dropping marble when they hear the sound

How to book a hearing test in Merrylands?

You can book an appointment with our doctors to discuss further regarding the hearing test either online via Hotdoc or you can call the practice on 02 9681 5880 to book a hearing test in Merrylands or if you have any other inquiry.