5 Ways Doctors & Weight Loss Medication is used to reduce Fat at our Weight Loss Clinic

Weight Loss Medication

Weight loss can be a difficult process, with so many factors that all need addressing at the same time. It is important to have a proper management plan before starting on this fat loss journey so you don't stop halfway without reaching your goal. It is also important that the plan you make for your fat loss journey is based on fact, not fiction. There are many myths and stories about what works for fat loss but at the end of the day, science reigns true. At our Fat loss Clinic in Merrylands, you talk to expert doctors who have seen and treated stubborn fat that does not seem to go away. Through a variety of techniques and prescription medication (Weight Loss Medication), our doctors have gotten effective results.

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What is Fat Loss Management and why is prescribed Weight Loss Medication by a doctor important?

Weight loss is a complex issue and each patient is different. Each patient might have different genetics, metabolism, dietary requirements, exercise requirements, medication, and state of health, which makes each Weight Loss Management important. Incorrect management of weight loss can lead to wasted effort and disappointing results. It is important to lay a good management plan for good results.

A good weight loss management plan designed by our doctors at our Weight Loss Clinic takes into consideration all the factors that influence weight gain and weight loss. One of these major players is Weight Loss Medication. Weight loss medication is prescription only and is an adjunct to conventional means of weight loss. Weight loss medication that we prescribe has shown in studies results of a 15% to 18% weight loss in adults who were overweight or obese. This is a massive change and patients definitely see the benefit.

Many weight loss techniques and programs try to avoid the adjunct of weight loss pills and in some cases, it is a warranted reason. Most times that weight loss pills are not recommended, which is when the weight loss pill is over-the-counter supplements and without the direction of a weight loss management plan created by a doctor. Weight loss medication prescribed by a doctor is very different from supplements bought over the counter. Prescribed Weight Loss Medication has been clinically tested and has proven results.

With our expert doctors, we are able to create a safe and simple weight loss management plan that is a solution to a complex and multi-faceted problem. If you would like to get started on a weight loss journey, book a Bulk billed consultation with Dr. Thayaparan in our bulk-billed Weight loss clinic in Merrylands. Dr. Thayaparan is one of our doctors who is a very experienced practitioner in the treatment of weight loss management and prescription weight loss medications. If you would like to book an appointment with Dr Thayaparan, please click "Book Now".


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Why do I need to do a Weight Loss Doctor at a Weight Loss Clinic?

Seeing a qualified doctor who has experience in weight loss allows you to get a tried and tested weight loss roadmap, which allows you to ensure that you are on the correct pathway.

5 Reasons to see a weight loss doctor at our weight loss clinic?

  1. Prescription Weight Loss Medication.
    There are many myths about weight loss supplements, but that is not what we are talking about. We are talking about prescription medication specifically designed to help you lose weight. Getting your hands on these will require a bulk billed health assessment (Nothing out of pocket with a medicare card) and a prescription from our doctors. These prescription weight loss pills have been tested and have shown to give effective results in combination with normal conventional methods. It is important you discuss this properly with your GP to understand how effective the weight loss pills that are prescribed will be and how they play into the weight loss management plan.
  2. Referrals.
    Doctors are able to refer patients to required services such as Physiotherapy, Dietitian, and Exercise Physiologists - which can all be bulk billed (Nothing out of pocket with a medicare card). These services help you to manage and maintain your weight loss management plan. Doctors also have the ability to refer you to more extreme weight loss techniques such as surgery for gastric banding, tummy tucks, liposuction, and bariatric surgery. These services help achieve rapid weight loss and can only be achieved by an experienced GP involved in the weight loss programs.
  3. Testing
    Testing and assessing your health is super important to measure how much progress you have made. A weight scale, although gives some information is a poor indicator of changes in health. It usually does not take into account body composition changes, additional muscle mass, and many other factors that really determine your progress. Not being able to track progress can be problematic as you lose motivation on your weight loss journey even if you might be making progress. Doctors in our weight loss clinic have the ability to blood test for specific markers that are involved in weight loss (lipids, fat molecules, cholesterol, blood sugar levels, and many more). Doctors can also refer you to places for Fat scans (DEXA scans) which enable you to understand body composition if required.
  4. Road Map
    Creating and maintaining a road map for weight loss management is very important for the overall weight loss journey. Not having a weight loss journey usually means that halfway motivation is lost or we end up going down the wrong pathway. Our weight loss doctors are experts in creating weight loss management plans that have pathways that are easy to stick to. They use a combination of medications, surgery, and conventional methods to produce exceptional results. It is important to have this plan so you are confident that you are on the right pathway.
  5. Keep you on track
    Weight loss is like a see-saw, where the net calories in must be lower than the net calories out. This equation is modified by prescription medications and surgery but is important to remember during weight loss.  If you are ever confused and fraught with emotions our non-judgemental doctors are able to motivate and keep you on track.

Do I need to see a doctor for prescription medications at a Weight Loss Clinic?

At Woodville Rd Medical and Dental, our Weight Loss sessions and consultations are bulk billed with our doctors. If you have a Medicare card, there is nothing out of pocket for assessing and helping your mental state. Make an appointment with our Doctors and GP's if you notice any changes to your weight and health that worry you. Start today and make a change that will lead to better health and lifestyle.

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